KORG LMA120 korg LMA120

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  • KORG LMA120 korg LMA120
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    Digital metronome with an extra large backlit LCD for excellent visibility.
    Unique “Conducting Motion” display allows a natural-feeling sense of tempo.
    Choose from two types of tempo steps: \"Pendulum,\" or \"Full\".
    Ten different beats and six different rhythms can be combined.
    Tap function lets you set the desired tempo.
    The timer/stopwatch function lets you time your practice sessions up to 99 minutes.
    You can use the Reference Pitch and Calibration functions to tune your instrument.
    Unique \"Conducting Motion\" display and extra large LCD for easy visualization of the tempo
    Taking advantage of the extra large LCD, the LMA-120 provides a unique Korg tempo display method --- a newly-developed \"Conducting Motion\" display in which three bars move in a way similar to a conductor\'s baton. This is a revolutionary new method of indicating the tempo, in which accelerating motion lets you feel the tempo in a natural musical way. Normally, you keep tempo by listening to the metronome, but the LMA-120 provides a large Conducting Motion Display to visually show the tempo as well.

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